Sign From Anywhere

Voter Registration, Nominating Forms, Ballot Initiatives

Journalist and author Joe Mathews wrote that our technology “may reshape American politics forever.” Presidential campaign manager and political technology expert Joe Trippi called us “the next big thing” for grassroots politics. Lenny Mendonca, Chairman of the Bay Area Council Economic Institute, wrote in the Huffington Post that we are one of top ideas that could “change the trajectory of our ailing public institutions.”

Our customers include Obama for America, the Democratic National Committee, the Republican National Committee,Tom Steyer’s NextGen Climate, The Voter Participation Center, the National Council of La Raza, and Rock the Vote.

Since 2012, our technology has been accepted by secretaries of state and attorney generals in a dozen battleground states for voter registration. We’ve successfully registered over 200,000 voters and provided signatures for dozens of ballot initiatives.

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